1. (medical) The process of using either extreme heat or extreme cold to either cut or seal body tissue

7 letters in word "cautery": A C E R T U Y.

No anagrams for cautery found in this word list.

Words found within cautery:

ace acer acre act acture acute acuter ae aery ar arc are aret art arty ary at ate ay aye ayre ayu car care caret cart carte cat cate cater cauter cay cert crate cru cruet cry cue cur curat curate cure curet curt cut cute cuter cutey ea ear eat eau ecru ecu er era eruct et eta eyra race racy rat rate ratu ray re react rec recta recut ret ruc rue rut rya rye ta tace tae tar tare tau tay te tea tear teary trace tray trey truce true try trye tuyer tye tyer tyre uey ur urate ure urea ut uta ute ya yar yare yate ye yea year yer yet yu yuca yurt yurta